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Lucille Tendler Community Service Award

Lucille Tendler PhotoThis award by the Board of Trustees of the Bergenfield Public Library recognizes the service contributions of the recipient to the Bergenfield community.

The recipient must be nominated by an individual or group.

Members of the Board of Trustees may not nominate a candidate while serving on the Board.

Nominee may be an individual or a group (formal group i.e. civic organization, scout troop or a not formally organized group that provides a service to the community).

Nominees must be/have been a Bergenfield resident or active in a Bergenfield based organization or a group active in the Bergenfield community.

If the nominee no longer lives in the Bergenfield community, or is no longer active in a group serving the Bergenfield community, they must be nominated within 2 years of terminating their Bergenfield residency or terminating their association with the group.*

There are no age qualifications for the nominee (may be any age, child to senior citizen).

A nominee may be nominated posthumously (within two calendar years from the date of their death)*

*These requirements would be waived for the first two years during which this Service Award is awarded 2015-2016)

Community Service may be defined as:

a long time commitment to providing service to individuals, groups or the community as a whole

a specific service project which may or may not also be recognized as a requirement for an award (i.e. Eagle Scout service project, National Honor Society project

an education/degree program required community service

an organization’s efforts to help another organization, individual or group, complete their mission or a specific project

service provided through or under the auspices of a religious group

service may be environmental in nature, educational, charitable, civic, public health/disease related

Applications will be accepted until January 31st, 2017. The recipient will be announced in February 2017.