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The Old Mill Stream.jpg
An article about the stream in Bergenfield.

The Indians of Bergenfield 00.jpg
"The Indians of Bergenfield" is a term paper by Anton Gross from February 1956 for the U.S. History I class.

Band the Hawthorne Muchachos.jpg
Description of the Band, the Hawthorne Muchachos, sponsored by the Hawthorne American Legion Post.

Flag of the Netherlands.jpg
Description of the Grand Marshall, W.H. Simonsz, Consul for Press and Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of the Netherlands.

The Schraalenburgh General's Gun.jpg
A brief article about Peter S. Van Orden, owner of a flintlock pistol.

76 Retreat of Washingtons Army Committee.jpg
Description of the '76 Retreat of Washington's Army Committee in the Bicentennial Parade

Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce Sundowners Drum and Bugle Corps.jpg
The Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Sundowners Drum and Bugle Corps in the Bicentennial Parade

South Presbyterian Church.jpg
Description and History of South Presbyterian Church

Regular Democratic Organization of Bergenfield.jpg
Description of the Regular Democratic Organization of Bergenfield

Second Sussex Militia.jpg
Recruiting flyer for historical reenactors, the Second Sussex Militia.
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