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By Betty Schmelz.jpg
Article by Betty Schmelz about antique items found in the attic of a house in Bergenfield

The Old Mill Stream Manuscript 1.jpg
Handwritten manuscript of "The Old Mill Stream"

The Old Mill Stream.jpg
An article about the stream in Bergenfield.

Exhibited by.jpg
Brief description of four items on display: wooden chest, photograph of Dow Talema's tombstone, flintlock pistol, commission of Major General Peter S. Van Orden.

The Schraalenburgh General's Gun.jpg
A brief article about Peter S. Van Orden, owner of a flintlock pistol.

A Memento of the Revolution 1.jpg
A Memento of the Revolution is an article about a battle near Closter between the patriots and the Tories.

Assembly for the Future 1.jpg
Program booklet for "Assembly for the Future" June 26, 1976

Twin boros begin 3-day Bicentennial bash 1.jpg
9/15/1976 Twin Boro News article about Bicentennial events in Bergenfield and Dumont

Ethel Schneider.jpg
Ethel Schneider and her quilt

Martha Forty Quilt Made in Library.jpg
Martha Forty and a Bicentennial quilt that she made in the Library.
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