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Women in Colonial Costume.jpg
Photograph of seven women in colonial dress

Womans Club of Bergenfield.jpg
Description of Woman's Club of Bergenfield

William A. Krause Biography.jpg
A brief biography of William A. Krause who set up a cooperative in Bergenfield in 1916.

WH Simonsz Consul for the Netherlands for Press and Cultural Affairs.jpg
Description of W.H. Simonz, Consul of the Nethertlands for Press and Cultural Affairs

US Postal Service.jpg
Description of the U.S. Postal Service

US Navy.jpg
Description of the contingent from the U.S. Navy Recruiting Office.

Twin boros begin 3-day Bicentennial bash 1.jpg
9/15/1976 Twin Boro News article about Bicentennial events in Bergenfield and Dumont

By Betty Schmelz.jpg
Article by Betty Schmelz about antique items found in the attic of a house in Bergenfield

The Tale of a Tombstone 1.jpg
An article about tombstones' at the Old South Church

The Old Mill Stream Manuscript 1.jpg
Handwritten manuscript of "The Old Mill Stream"
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