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Agamy Susan Agamy named museum director Feb 6 2001.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing that Susan J. Agamy, a Bergenfield native, has become the director of the Barnum Museum in Connecticut. The article includes a brief biography of Susan Agamy.

Bergenfield Chamber Installs Deauna Twin Boro News newspaper clipping Oct 2 2001 p1.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing that Salvador "Buddy" Deauna was installed as the Chamber of Commerce president for 2001-2002. The article includes biographical information about Deauna and details from the installment dinner.

Bergenfield Gears Up for Street Fair newspaper Twin Boro News clipping May 30 2001.jpg
A newspaper clipping detailing a Street Fair held by the Chamber of Commerce and the Bergenfield Special Improvement District.

Bilyk Brian M Bergenfield Resident stars in Sylvia February 21 2001.jpg
A newspaper clipping about an upcoming production of "Silvia" by the Players Guild of Leonia, to be directed by M. Brian Bilyk. The article includes a brief biography of M. Brian Bilyk.

Doyle June A Doyle gives Women in Art their due October 10 2001.jpg
A description of a lecture to be given by June A Doyle at the Bergenfield Free Public Library on October 21st, 2001. The program was about "Women in Art," featuring artists such as Lavinia Fontana, Judith Leyster, Mary Beale, Anne Killegrew, and…

Hayletts Kareem Ex BHS cage star hits cream of the crop NCAA tourney June 15 2001.jpg
A newspaper article detailing Kareem Hayletts' high school and basketball career, including his experience in the NCAA tournament.

Ghany Natalie Coming on Board May 22 2001.jpg
A newspaper photo and caption about Natalie Ghany, a student, being sworn in as a member of the New Jersey City University board of trustees. John J. Moore and Carlos Hernandez are also present in the photograph.

Dello Russo Joseph Dello Russo opens 30000 sqaure foot medical center October 10 2001 1.jpg
Newspaper clipping announcing the opening of the Dello Russo Medical Building, including a short biography of Joseph Dello Russo.

Marker Denotes Bergenfield Burials photocopy of newspaper clipping Twin Boro News May 1964 1.jpg
A photocopy of a news article detailing the history of the Black cemetery in Bergenfield now known as the African American Baptist Church Cemetery, as well as the history of the church that used to be there. The article notes that it was formerly…

McConnell Carol Public health nurse supervisor closes 44 year career Dec 20 2000.jpg
A newspaper article announcing the retirement of Carol McConnell after 44 years working in public health services. The article includes biographical information about Carol's life and work.
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