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General Geo W Goethals Unit No 90 American Legion Auxiliary history typewritten Sept 30 1960 1.jpg
A handwritten letter introduction followed by a typewritten history by Selma Johns of the General George W. Goethals Post No. 90 from 1928 to 1960.

First Poppy Purchased newspaper clipping May 20 1954.jpg
Newsclipping of Miss Helen Schmidt pins the first American Legion poppy on Mayor Edward C. Meyer.

Band the Hawthorne Muchachos.jpg
Description of the Band, the Hawthorne Muchachos, sponsored by the Hawthorne American Legion Post.

George W Goethals American Legion Post 90 paper 9 pages includes outline report article and bibliography 1.jpg
A paper detailing an outline of George W Goethals American Legion Post 90, as well as a written history with citations and a bibliography. Page 7 includes a newsclipping about a the second annual "Gas Light Minstrels" performance put on by members of…

American Legion George W Goethals Post 90 paper by Barbara Parrella 1.jpg
A paper, written by Barbara Parrella, detailing the history of American Legion George W Goethals Post 90.

The sections include:
I. George W. Goethals, Post 90
II. Present Officers
III. Background of the American Legion
IV. Services of the…
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