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“Artists in Residence” booklet listing of performing, visual, crafts and literary artists in Bergenfield 1977 P1.jpg
A directory of Bergenfield artists organized by type of art. Includes visual, performing, and literary artists.

“Arts Council Compiles B’field ‘Who’s Who,’” (newspaper clipping) undated.jpg
The Arts Council of Bergenfield is compiling a directory of visual, performing, and literary artiest in Bergenfield.

“Artists’ Directory is Ready,” (newspaper clipping) The Sunday Post, Dec. 11, 1977 P1.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts has published a directory of artists in Bergenfield.

Invitation to reception for Artists in Residence directory Feb 24 1978.jpg
Invitation for Bergenfield artists listed in "Artists in Residence" directory to a reception in their honor on February 24, 1978 at the Bergenfield Public Library.

Artists Get Special Day newspaper clipping The Sunday Post undated.jpg
Bergenfield Artists will be honored at a reception at the Bergenfield Public Library on February 24, 1978. The Bergenfield Council for the Arts will distribute the directory of Bergenfield.
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