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Bergenfield Chamber Installs Deauna Twin Boro News newspaper clipping Oct 2 2001 p1.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing that Salvador "Buddy" Deauna was installed as the Chamber of Commerce president for 2001-2002. The article includes biographical information about Deauna and details from the installment dinner.

Serrano Michelle 1359 Points Well Taken Michelle Serrano Sets BHS Record twin boro news Feb 20 2002 1.jpg
A newspaper article detailing Michelle Serrano's high school basketball career at Bergenfield High School.

Ocampo Osbert Diversity Student wants to clear up miconceptions twin boro news Jan 31 2001.jpg
A newspaper article about Osbert Ocampo, a then high school senior who gave a speech about diversity and multicultural representation at an empowerment summit held at Kean University. He wanted to raise awareness about discrimination, specifically…
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