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Bergenfield Rotary Club newsletter 1 page The Passing Years Steal From Us All Things One by One undated.jpg
A newsletter from the Rotary Club. This edition is a farewell letter from former club president James D. Turner when he and his wife retired to Florida.

Bergenfield Rotary Club newsletter 1 page Its Fun to Travel June 10 1968.jpg
A letter from James D. Turner, former president of the Rotary Club, announcing his upcoming travels to Europe. He thanks the rotary club and discusses recent community service.

Carlisle Christie Has Transferred to That Rotary Club Beyond the Eyes Horizon  testimonial by James D Turner.jpg
A statement written by James D Turner praising the work and character of Carlisle Christie after his passing. It particularly highlights his contributions to the Rotary Club.

Chamber Defends Civic Record Major Explains Plan Interest The Record newspaper clipping October 14 1964.jpg
A newspaper article detailing a conflict between the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce and the Planning Board. The Chamber of Commerce was accused of acting selfishly. The Chamber countered by saying they are heavily involved in community serviceā€¦

Chamber of Commerce promotional flyer.jpg
A flyer promoting the benefits of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce

Install Turner as Rotary Head newspaper clipping undated.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing that James D. Turner had been installed as Rotary Club president

Memorable Lines from James D Turner of the Chamber of Commerce May 18 1959.jpg
A list of notable quotations from James D. Turner about the Chamber of Commerce.

Report to the Members Chamber of Commerce Undated p1.jpg
A four page pamphlet from the president of the Chamber of Commerce, James D. Turner. It includes his recommendations for the future of the chamber as well as positive messaging about the chamber. This includes defending the chamber's actions againstā€¦

Rotary Club installs Turner as President Twin Boro News newspaper clipping undated.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the Rotary Club installing James D. Turner as President
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