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Newspaper Clipping Bergen Evening Record June 28 1960 Association Plans Boroughs History.jpg
Newspaper clipping from the "Bergen Evening" about the Bergenfield Historical Association's plans to write a history of Bergenfield.

Newspaper Clipping Bergen Record December 4 1959 Borough Chronicle Planned By Group.jpg
Newspaper clipping from the "Bergen Record" about the Bergenfield Historical Association plan to write about about the history of Bergenfield.

Newspaper Clipping Bergen Evening Record November 28 1959 Historical Data Of Bergenfield To Be Compiled.jpg
Newspaper clipping from the "Bergen Evening Record" about the formation of the Bergenfield Historical Association.

Newspaper Clipping Twin Boro News August 7 1963 Tercentenary Markers.jpg
Newspaper Clipping from the "Twin Boro News" about Tercentenary signs at the Bergenfield-Dumont border.

Newspaper Clipping Times Review October 10 1963 Tercentenary Topics Looking to 1964.jpg
Newspaper Clipping Times Review "Looking to 1964: Tercentenary Topics:

Newspaper Clipping Tercentenary Think of Money.jpg
Newspaper clipping on how to pronounce the word "tercentenary."

Newspaper Clipping Twin Boro News May 20 1964 Picture Parade at Library Sunday.jpg
Newspaper clipping from the Twin Boro News about a display of historic photographs at the Bergenfield Public Library.

Newspaper Clipping The Record September 28 1964 40 Units Parade in Bergenfield 1.jpg
Newspaper clipping from "The Record" describing the Tercentenary Parade in Bergenfield on September 27, 1964.

Newspaper Clipping Tercentenary Plans Continue to Expand.jpg
Newspaper Clipping about planning for the New Jersey Tercentenary and the 70th Anniversary of Bergenfield.

New Jersey Tercentenary Commission Newspaper Articles.jpg
Four articles on New Jersey Tercentenary from the New York Times, the Hackensack Record, and the Bergenfield Times Review. By the Dumont Tercentenary Committee.
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