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Newspaper article about former Bergenfield Mayor Walter Christie being selected as Honorary Chairman for Bergenfield's 40th Anniversary Celebration.

A typed document listing the events of the Old Home Town Night (40th Anniversary Celebration).

Newspaper clipping

p. 6
Newspaper articles related to various aspects of Bergenfield history including its formation. Other articles detail the history of Bergenfield's Fire Department, Police Department, and Library. Also: Town history from 1667 to the Civil War. Various…

Fortieth Anniv Brochure Cover.jpg
Official Town Brochure commemorating the town's 40th anniversary 1894-1934. Includes all pages of the brochure.

Image of former Bergenfield Mayor E. Howard Foster.

schraalenburgh school.PNG
Image of Schraalenburgh School built in 1888. From the Fortieth Anniversary Brochure.

Image of Franklin School from Fortieth Anniversary Brochure.

Bergenfield 50 Anniv Section NJTimes Sept 21 1944.jpg
Newspaper section from the NJ Times, September 21, 1944. This section contains articles related to Bergenfield's history.

Letter from Mrs W Chrstie.jpg
Letter written by Mrs. Walter Christie
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