Welcome to the local history archive of the Bergenfield Public Library.  This archive contains photos and documents related to the history of both the library and the town of Bergenfield New Jersey.  This archive is currently under construction.

Recently Added Items

Tercentenary Planning

Newspaper Clipping Times Review January 1 1963 Tercentenary Planning.jpg

Newspaper clipping from the "Times Review" about a statewide Tercentenary planning meeting.

Tercentenary Signs

Newspaper Clipping The Record August 1 1963 Tercentenary Signs Copy 2.jpg

Newspaper clipping from "The Record" about Tercentenary signs for Bergenfield and Dumont. Both municipaliters were origitnally part of…

Tercentenary Markers

Newspaper Clipping Twin Boro News August 7 1963 Tercentenary Markers.jpg

Newspaper Clipping from the "Twin Boro News" about Tercentenary signs at the Bergenfield-Dumont border.

Looking to 1964: Tercentenary Topics

Newspaper Clipping Times Review October 10 1963 Tercentenary Topics Looking to 1964.jpg

Newspaper Clipping Times Review "Looking to 1964: Tercentenary Topics: