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Exhibit Captures A Childs World 1979.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts presents "A Child's World," an exhibition of art by children and art by adults on the theme of children. This is in honor of the United Nations International Year of the Child. The exhibition is held at the…

Bergenfield Council for the Arts Invitation Nov 18 1979.jpg
Invitation from the Bergenfield Council on the Arts for the Fifth Annual Reception for Bergenfield Artists to be held at the Bergenfield Public Library on November 18, 1978.

Fifth Annual Reception Honoring Bergenfield Artists Nov 18 1979 p1.jpg
Program for the Fifth Annual Reception, "A Child's World," Honoring Bergenfield Artists, November 18, 1979, held at the Bergenfield Public Library. Includes an exhibition of art from elementary and middle school students from Bergenfield.
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