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Polaroid of Sid Breyer and DPW staff outside the Bergenfield Library undated.jpg
A Polaroid of Sid Breyer and DPW staff outside the Bergenfield Library

Bergenfield Rotary Club newsletter 1 page April 15 Fun Fest .jpg
A flyer advertising Fun Fest, including activities and a fundraiser for the library.

Old Slave Cemetery To Be Dedicated This Sunday Twin Boro News newspaper clipping May 13 1964.jpg
A newsclipping detailing the restoration of the "Old Slave Cemetery," as well as details about the rededication ceremony.

Third Annual Art Festival in Bergenfield The Press Journal newspaper clipping May 26 1965.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the third annual Amateur Art Festival at Cooper's Pond Park. Includes a photograph of the winner for best painting, as well as details about the contest and judges.

Library Gets Work of Art Press Journal newspaper clipping April 28 1965 .jpg
A newspaper article about the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce purchasing a work of art from the annual Art Festival as a gift for the Bergenfield Public Library. The intention was that it would be the first in a permanent art installation at the…

Coffee Break The Record newspaper clipping March 13 1970.jpg
A newspaper clipping of a photo of Mac A. Hollender and Daniel D. Rosen admiring a Bergen County Art Guild display at the Bergenfield Public Library.

Chamber Donates Painting to Library The Record newspaper clipping May 24 1965 p1.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the Chamber of Commerce donating a painting to the library in the hopes of starting a library art collection. The article details the provenance of the painting, which was selected at the third annual ammeter art show at…

Swenson Eric Bergenfield educator novelist enjoys the best of both worlds October 15 2000 1.jpg
A newspaper article about a book signing held at the Bergenfield Public Library for Swenson's debut novel. The article also includes biographical information about Swenson.

Orsini Joseph Retired Priest Finds Second Calling in Kitchen twin boro news November 22 2000.jpg
A newspaper article about a retired priest named Joseph Orsini and the release of his cookbook "Italian Family Cooking." The Bergenfield Library held a launch event for the release of the book.
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