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The Old Timers Say Pamphlet of Stories Front Cover.jpg
A pamphlet of stories, history and recollections of Bergenfield..

Composition book p1.jpg
Composition book containing notes on the 50th Anniversary and Bergenfield “firsts.”.

Handbill for Slogan Contest.jpg
Advertisement for Bergenfield's Fiftieth Anniversary Slogan Contest. Rules for the contest are listed.

Old Timers Night Program Cover Sept 26 1944.jpg
Old Timers Night Program Cover Sept 26 1944.

Fiftieth Anniv Letterhead.jpg
Letterhead used by planning committee for 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Letter from Mrs W Chrstie.jpg
Letter written by Mrs. Walter Christie

Bergenfield 50 Anniv Section NJTimes Sept 21 1944.jpg
Newspaper section from the NJ Times, September 21, 1944. This section contains articles related to Bergenfield's history.
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