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Mayors Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes 1.jpg
Minutes of the September 30, 1976 meeting of the Mayor's Bicentennial Committee. Recorded by Virginia Hunter.

Interview of Mr. & Mrs. John Kulp 1.jpg
Summary of an oral history interview with Mr. & Mrs. John Kulp conducted by Mrs. James & Mr. Krause.

Eddie James Oral History Interview Transcript 1.jpg
Oral history transcript of interview of Eddie James by Mrs. James.

Mrs Tuers Memories 1.jpg
Summary of an interview with longtime Bergenfield resident Mrs. Tuers. She was interviewed by John Peterson.

The Indians of Bergenfield 00.jpg
"The Indians of Bergenfield" is a term paper by Anton Gross from February 1956 for the U.S. History I class.

Hear That Train Blow 1.jpg
An article about the railroad in Bergenfield

The Tale of a Tombstone 1.jpg
An article about tombstones' at the Old South Church

Love conquers.jpg
Vignettes about Mayor Walter Christie and Mr. Julo (Julius Gamblee)

The Old Mill Stream Manuscript 1.jpg
Handwritten manuscript of "The Old Mill Stream"

The Old Mill Stream.jpg
An article about the stream in Bergenfield.
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