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Photographs from parade Oct 1976.jpg
Mary Joyce Doyle and Sidney Breyer pose in and next to a car decorated to look like a train promoting the library in a parade

Colored photographs Halloween costume party at the Bergenfield Public Library 1979 1.jpg
Several color photographs of library staff posing in Halloween costumes. Mary Joyce Doyle is dressed as a witch with a large, orange hat.

1 black and white photograph Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Dance 1976.jpg
A black and white photograph of several people posing in costume around a dinner table at the dance. Bea James is standing in the middle.

Color photo of Eileen Jamieson with painting at artist’s reception.jpg
Artist Eileen Jamieson poses with her painting at the Second Annual Reception for Bergenfield Artists.

Thank you note from Marion Franz, executive secretary Bergenfield Council for the Arts,.jpg
Marion Franz, executive secretary for the Bergenfield Council for the Arts wrote Eileen Jamieson a thank you note for demonstrating tinsel painting at the artists' reception.

Cultural Calendar, October 1976 (newspaper clipping) undated.jpg
A calendar of cultural events in Bergenfield in October 1976. Incudes art shows, films, lectures, and exhibits at the Bergenfield Public Library and elsewhere in Bergenfield.

“Arts Council Plans Reception,” (newspaper clipping) Twin Boro News, Sept. 29, 1976.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts invites all Bergenfield artists to a reception at the Bergenfield Public Library on October 24, 1976. A directory of Bergenfield artists is being developed.

“Art and Flower Show Winners Take Trophies,” (newspaper clipping) Twin Boro News,.jpg
The Art and Flower Show took place on September 11 & 12, 1976. This was sponsored by the Garden Club of Bergenfield and the Bergenfield Council for the Arts. Winners in many categories were announced.

“Ms Kopp Named President of Arts Council,” (newspaper clipping) 1976.jpg
Councilwoman M. Denise Kopp, founder of the Bergenfield Council for the Arts, was elected its first president. Bergenfield Public Library Directory Mary Joyce Doyle was elected vice president.
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