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Governor Robert B Meyner Letter to Norman Bleshman.jpg
Letter from New Jersey Governor Robert B. Meyner to Norman Bleshman, Chairman of the Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee about the Historymobile.

Tercentenary Historymobile Facts for Jerseymen 1.jpg
Pamphlet about the Historymobile and how municipalities can schedule a Historymobile visit.

Tercentenary Historymobile Day Proclamation.jpg
Bergenfield Historical Association Proclamation About Historymobile Day

Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Historymobile Letter.jpg
Bergenfield's Tercentenary Committee Welcomes You to New Jersey's Tercentenary Historymobile

New Jersey Tercentenary Historymobile Guide Name Badge.jpg
Adhesive name badge for Historymobile guide.
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