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Thank you note from Mr and Mrs Harry J Johnson to Raymond Guellich on cemetery restorationMay 2 1964 .jpg
A rhyming thank you letter written by a local woman who lived next to the restored cemetery, thanking the Boy Scouts and other workers for the restoration.

Alfred Christie Memorial Dedication letter from the Bergenfield Rotary Club Cooper s Park May 30 1965.jpg
Letter from the Bergenfield Rotary Club about the dedication of the Alfred Christie Memorial at Cooper's Park.

Correspondence thank you letter from Charles B Szeglin to Mrs Mildred Gordon president Bergenfield Council for the Arts.jpg
November 18, 1985 thank you letter from Charles B. Szeglin to Mildred Gordon concerning the November 17, 1985 reception in his honor.

Letter to local artists gauging interest in exhibiting work in Bergenfield Nov 6 1980.jpg
A letter from the Bergenfield Council for the Arts inviting Bergenfield artists to display their artworks at banks in Bergenfield.

Governor Robert B Meyner Letter to Norman Bleshman.jpg
Letter from New Jersey Governor Robert B. Meyner to Norman Bleshman, Chairman of the Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee about the Historymobile.

Borough Clerk Bernard T Aschenbrand Letter to Frank G Maier.jpg
Letter from Bergenfield Borough Clerk Bernard T. Aschenbrand to Frank G. Maiere approving the use of the Shelter House at Cooper's Pond for a Tercentenary exhibit.

Frank G Maier Letter to Mayor and Council of Bergenfield.jpg
Letter from Bergenfield Tercentenary Chairman, Frank G. Maier, to the Mayor and Council of Bergenfield asking to use the building at Cooper's Pond for a Tercentenary Exhibit.

Letter from Mrs W Chrstie.jpg
Letter written by Mrs. Walter Christie
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