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Doyle Mary Joyce Bergenfield Library to host drama series undated.jpg
A newspaper clipping about a lecture series on Drama as Performance and Literature by Mary Joyce Doyle at the Bergenfield Public Library.

Doyle June A Doyle gives Women in Art their due October 10 2001.jpg
A description of a lecture to be given by June A Doyle at the Bergenfield Free Public Library on October 21st, 2001. The program was about "Women in Art," featuring artists such as Lavinia Fontana, Judith Leyster, Mary Beale, Anne Killegrew, and…

3 Experts Share Photographic Tips newspaper clipping The Record Jan 27 1982.jpg
Al Thomas, Henry Forest, and Dr. Ralph Henry will discuss how to take better photographs at a lecture at the Bergenfield Public Library on January 27, 1982.

LIGHT Creator of Photographic Moods Al Thomas Photographer poster Nov 18 1982 P1 top.jpg
Poster for a lecture about the exhibition "LIGHT: The Creator of Photographic Moods." On November 18, 1982 photographer Al Thomas will discuss his exhibition at the Bergenfield Public Library.
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