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Resolution by Councilwoman Kopp Page 1.jpg
A resolution introduced by Councilwoman Kopp at the April 15, 1975 Bergenfield Borough Council Meeting establishing the Bergenfield Council for the Arts. The resolution passed unanimously.

Frank G Maier Letter to Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Re Invitation Borough Council Meeting Copy 1.jpg
Letter from Frank G. Maier to Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee members inviting them to the Bergenfield Borough Council Meeting on January 4, 1964.

Norman A Bleshman Letter to Bergenfield Mayor and Council.jpg
Letter from Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Chairman Norman A. Bleshman to the Mayor and Borough Council of Bergenfield about the Twin Borough Signs shared with Dumont.

Frank G Maier Letter to Mayor and Council of Bergenfield.jpg
Letter from Bergenfield Tercentenary Chairman, Frank G. Maier, to the Mayor and Council of Bergenfield asking to use the building at Cooper's Pond for a Tercentenary Exhibit.
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