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14 out of 15 black and white photographs 8 x 10 Bea James 1950s 1960s.jpg
Rehearsal for Friends of the Library production, written by May Retusa, Book by the Hundreds. April 24, 1963, Roy W. Brown Junior High School. Library Director Beatrice M. James and Phil Lehrman, member of the Friends.

Newspaper Clipping Times Review January 1 1963 Tercentenary Planning.jpg
Newspaper clipping from the "Times Review" about a statewide Tercentenary planning meeting.

Newspaper Clipping The Record August 1 1963 Tercentenary Signs Copy 2.jpg
Newspaper clipping from "The Record" about Tercentenary signs for Bergenfield and Dumont. Both municipaliters were origitnally part of Schraalenburgh.

Newspaper Clipping Twin Boro News August 7 1963 Tercentenary Markers.jpg
Newspaper Clipping from the "Twin Boro News" about Tercentenary signs at the Bergenfield-Dumont border.

Newspaper Clipping Times Review October 10 1963 Tercentenary Topics Looking to 1964.jpg
Newspaper Clipping Times Review "Looking to 1964: Tercentenary Topics:

The Record Newspaper Clipping September 14 1965 Old Residents Being Sought.jpg
Newspaper clipping from "The Record" about the Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee searching for people who have lived in Bergenfield for more than fifty years.

Newspaper Clipping Tercentenary Plans Continue to Expand.jpg
Newspaper Clipping about planning for the New Jersey Tercentenary and the 70th Anniversary of Bergenfield.

Speech Given Before the Rotarians Monday March 4 1963 1.jpg
Text of a speech by Bergenfield Library Director Bea James to the Rotary Club on March 4, 1963.

Frank G Maier Letter to Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Re Invitation Borough Council Meeting Copy 1.jpg
Letter from Frank G. Maier to Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee members inviting them to the Bergenfield Borough Council Meeting on January 4, 1964.

Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Notes Copy 1.jpg
Notes from the Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee including notes from the Chairman, Committee members, and open notes.
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