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1 black and white photograph Be All You Can Read National Library Week 1969.jpg
Bea James, Mayor Charles J. O'Dowd, Michael J. Birkner, and others posing at a desk in front of a poster promoting National Library Week. Mayor O'Dowd is also wearing a pin in support of reading.

Engineering Report for Proposed Twin Boro Park Boroughs of Bergenfield and Dumont Dec 1968 1.jpg
An engineering report to accompany a proposed Twin-Boro park. The report was compiled with assistance from the Holzmacher Mclendon & Murrell. It includes charts forecasting population growth in the area and the age of the population, as well as…

Bergenfield Newsletter Vol.6 No.2 June 1971 1.jpg
Bergenfield's newsletter from June 1971. Includes a retirement announcement about Beatrice James, the Library's director. It also includes a message from Mayor O'Dowd, many Father's Day advertisements, advertisements for summertime programs, an…

Bergenfield Newsletter Vol.6 No.1 March 1971 1.jpg
March 1971's issue of Bergenfield's Newsletter. Includes a message from the Mayor and Council, explanations for tax rate increases, changes in the expense budget, 1971 budget summary. Also includes a garbage schedule and directory of municipal…

Bergenfield Newsletter Vol.2 No.1 March 1967 1.jpg
A periodic newsletter from the Borough of Bergenfield. Includes a letter from the mayor, details about the 1968 budget allocations and taxes, a budget summary, and a directory of municipal officials.

Bergenfield Newsletter April 1984 1.jpg
The Borough of Bergenfield's annual newsletter from April 1984. Includes a letter from Mayor Charles J. O'Dowd, summaries of various municipal operations including general government, public safety, the department of public works, health and welfare,…

5 out of 15 black and white photographs 8 x 10 Bea James 1950s 1960s.jpg
National Library Week presenation $1,000 Club check for the purchase of the back file of the "New York Times Index" and the "New York Times" on microfilm.

black and white photos 5 x 7 1983 Art Show 1.jpg
Photograph of Bergenfield Mayor Charles "Jim" O'Dowd and two women displaying prize winning painting from the 1983 Art Show.

Certificate of Appreciation Bergenfield Strawberry Festival June 19 1983.jpg
A Certificate of Appreciation presented to the Bergenfield Council for the Arts from Bergenfield Mayor Charles J. O'Dowd, Jr. in honor of their contributions to Bergenfield's Strawberry Festival, June 19, 1983.
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