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Rotary flier Dine and Dance to honor Archie Spiegelglass 37 years in the Rotary Undated.jpg
A flyer advertising the Rotary Club's Dine and Dance event to honor Archie Spiegelglass

Rotary flier Army vs Stanford West Point Oct 28 1967.jpg
A flyer advertising a football game including details and RSVP information

Rotary 1965 Bergenfield 40th Anniversary Flier.jpg
Rotary 1965 Bergenfield 40th Anniversary Flyer

Bergenfield Rotary Club newsletter 1 page April 15 Fun Fest .jpg
A flyer advertising Fun Fest, including activities and a fundraiser for the library.

Vote YES for Sunday Closing flier Undated.jpg
A flyer encouraging residents to vote Yes on keeping businesses closed on Sundays. Includes potential negative repercussions of having businesses open on Sundays.

Report to the Members Chamber of Commerce Undated p1.jpg
A four page pamphlet from the president of the Chamber of Commerce, James D. Turner. It includes his recommendations for the future of the chamber as well as positive messaging about the chamber. This includes defending the chamber's actions against…

Presidents Cocktail Hour and Buffet flier Nov 11 1969.jpg
A flyer detailing an event held by the Chamber of Commerce, The President's Cocktail Hour and Buffet.

Chamber of Commerce promotional flyer.jpg
A flyer promoting the benefits of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Memo April 20 1959.jpg
A memo to members detailing promotions and updates organized by the Chamber of Commerce

7th Annual Bergenfield Outdoor Amateur Art Festival Flier p1.jpg
7th Annual Bergenfield Outdoor Amateur Art Festival Flyer
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