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Sunshine Adult Day Care Home Holds Grand Opening newspaper clipping June 2000.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the opening of Sunshine Adult Day Care Home on Washington Avenue. It includes details about the creation of this business as well as details from the opening ceremony.

NVE Savings Bank Joins Bfield Chamber newspaper clipping Feb 9 2000.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing that NVE Savings Bank on Washington Avenue had joined the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce.

Installation Awards Dinner is Held by ’field Chamber newspaper clipping October 4 2000.jpg
Newspaper clipping detailing the 2000 Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce Installation and Awards Dinner

Happy Days Restaurant Opens in Bfield November 14 2000.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing the opening of the Happy Days restaurant on Washington Ave in Bergenfield. The article includes details about the restaurant's menu offerings.

Van Valen Kenneth Meet some of your local heroes Kenneth Van Valen a man of dedication twin boro news July 5 2000 1.jpg
A newspaper article about Bergenfield resident Kenneth Van Valen, a dedicated citizen. The article includes biographical information about Van Valen.

Swenson Eric Bergenfield educator novelist enjoys the best of both worlds October 15 2000 1.jpg
A newspaper article about a book signing held at the Bergenfield Public Library for Swenson's debut novel. The article also includes biographical information about Swenson.

Slossar Daniel M Troop 180s Daniel Slossar Earns Eagle Scout Award twin boro news August 19 2000.jpg
A newspaper article about Daniel Slossar, a then senior at Bergenfield High School, receiving the Eagle Scout award, the Boy Scout's highest honor.

Schuster Catherine 20th century soprano ex vaudeville singer witnessed all of 1900s twin boro news August 9 2000.jpg
A newspaper article about Catherine Schuster, a 30-year Bergenfield resident who turned 100 in 2000.

Major William P Bfield Museum announces distinguished publication Jan 12 2000.jpg
A newspaper article announcing the publication of "William P. Major: A Bergenfield Life," a biography of the borough's former Chamber of Commerce president.

Lodato James Bfield library club selects Lodato as Friend of 2000 undated.jpg
A newspaper article about how the board of the Bergenfield Public Library named Councilman James Lodato "Friend of the Year" in 2000.
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