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1 black and white photograph 8 x10 Parade of Champions Undated.jpg
Mayor Hugh M Gilson and two other men pose with a trophy and banner advertising a Parade of Champions sponsored by the Bergenfield Lions Club.

They Bossed Bergenfield For Two Hours Times Review newspaper clipping September 30 1954.jpg
A newspaper clipping about seniors from Bergenfield High School attending a Council meeting in 1954.

Bergenfield Newsletter Vol.5 No.2 June 1970 1.jpg
Borough of Bergenfield newsletter. This edition includes updates on 10 year development plan for new parks, a woman who saved two young children from a burning house, photos from basketball and ping pong at the high school, the library's 50th…

George W Goethals American Legion Post 90 paper 9 pages includes outline report article and bibliography 1.jpg
A paper detailing an outline of George W Goethals American Legion Post 90, as well as a written history with citations and a bibliography. Page 7 includes a newsclipping about a the second annual "Gas Light Minstrels" performance put on by members of…

Vogt Craig Vogt ready to Bear down in Bergenfield twin boro news August 20 2003 1.jpg
A newspaper article interview with Craig Vogt, who was then starting as the Bergenfield High School football coach. The article includes some biographical details and quotes about his coaching philosophy.

Villone Ron Bergenfield Leftys Long Journey to Shea Stage April 9 2002 1.jpg
A newspaper article about baseball player Ron Villone, who was then the starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates versus the Mets at Shea Stadium.

Slossar Daniel M Troop 180s Daniel Slossar Earns Eagle Scout Award twin boro news August 19 2000.jpg
A newspaper article about Daniel Slossar, a then senior at Bergenfield High School, receiving the Eagle Scout award, the Boy Scout's highest honor.

Serrano Michelle 1359 Points Well Taken Michelle Serrano Sets BHS Record twin boro news Feb 20 2002 1.jpg
A newspaper article detailing Michelle Serrano's high school basketball career at Bergenfield High School.

Muller Jennifer Muller is Making a Name for Herself in Trenton Twin Boro News April 24 2002.jpg
A newspaper article about Jennifer Muller, a graduate of Bergenfield High School and then senior at Rider University, interning at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton.

Kuchar Michael Bergenfield Principal makes his mark Jan 31 2002 1.jpg
Interview and biographical information about then Bergenfield High School principal, Michael Kuchar. The article details changes Kuchar made during his time as principal.
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