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Thank you note from Mr and Mrs Harry J Johnson to Raymond Guellich on cemetery restorationMay 2 1964 .jpg
A rhyming thank you letter written by a local woman who lived next to the restored cemetery, thanking the Boy Scouts and other workers for the restoration.

Slave Cemetery Rededication is Set for May 17 newspaper clipping March 30 1964.jpg
A newspaper clipping announcing the completion of the restoration project for the borough's Tercentenary celebration.

Sandstone Found Twin Boro News newspaper clipping March 18 1964.jpg
A newspaper clipping about sandstone found during the restoration project for the Cedar Street cemetery. At the time, it was believed to be a slave cemetery. The sandstone was thought to be part of a former gravestone.

Restoration of Slave Cemetery Now in Progress newspaper clipping February 20 1964.jpg
A newspaper clipping updating the status of the cemetery restoration project and future plans for the project at the time. The article details the inspection of a local tree surgeon about the removal of certain trees.

Old Slave Cemetery To Be Dedicated This Sunday Twin Boro News newspaper clipping May 13 1964.jpg
A newsclipping detailing the restoration of the "Old Slave Cemetery," as well as details about the rededication ceremony.

Landscaped Slave Cemetery Is Rededicated By Scouts newspaper clipping May 17 1964.jpg
A newspaper article about the dedication for the cleaned up African American Baptist Church Cemetery. The ceremony included the installation of a plaque declaring it the "Old Slave Cemetery," although that is not what it is known as today.

Hand drawn area map featuring local landmarks and slave cemetery March 23 1964.jpg
A hand drawn map of major streets in Bergenfield. Includes the location of the African American Baptist Church Cemetery, labeled as the "slave cemetery," in relation to major streets in and around Bergenfield.

Fire Reserves Begin Cemetery Restoration Times Review newspaper clipping February 13 1964.jpg
A newsclipping about a group of Civil Defense Fire Reserves posing in front of their truck at the site of their clearing operations at the "Old Slave Cemetery."

Burial Ground Being Cleared Scouts to Clean Up Old Cemetery newspaper clipping February 8 1964 .jpg
A newspaper clipping about the planned restoration of the African American Baptist Church Cemetery by the local Boy Scout troop.

Boy Scouts Tercentenary Celebrating Program meeting agenda Undated.jpg
An agenda for Boy Scouts concerning potential Tercentenary celebration activities, including the restoration and rededication of the African American Baptist Church Cemetery, thought to entomb former enslaved people.
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