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Central Business District Plan Borough of Bergenfield New Jersey Murphy and Kren Planning Associates Inc July 1972 1.jpg
A planning document for a central business district in Bergenfield. It includes Existing land use maps, parking surveys, economic analysis, parking recommendations, traffic circulation, building and esthetics, and effectuation, as well as other…

A Study and Report of Recommendations Concerning the Future Status of Apartment Houses Sept 12 1960 1.jpg
A detailed report about the future status of apartment houses in Bergenfield as studied and written in 1960. Includes discussions on the effect of apartment houses on schools, parking, police protection, recreation facilities, fire protection,…

Houses of Worship in Bergenfield 1990 1.jpg
A publication from the Bergenfield Museum Society documenting all of the churches in Bergenfield, including a map of where all of the churches were located, sketches of many of the buildings, and descriptions of the churches and their histories.

Your Community and its Management Nov 8 1949 1.jpg
An annual report from the borough, detailing updates in major municipal departments and allocation of tax dollars for the year.

Hand drawn area map featuring local landmarks and slave cemetery March 23 1964.jpg
A hand drawn map of major streets in Bergenfield. Includes the location of the African American Baptist Church Cemetery, labeled as the "slave cemetery," in relation to major streets in and around Bergenfield.

Borough of Bergenfield Redbook courtesy of Chamber of Commerce Bergenfield NJ published 1977 7.jpg
Election District Street Number Map

Orkin Jules Owner of bookstore combines two loves twin boro news 2002 1.jpg
A newspaper article about Jules Orkin, the owner of the bookstore The Book Stop, who collects historical walking and hiking maps of the New York and New Jersey areas. The article also includes biographical information about Orkin and his love of…
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