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Third Annual Art Festival in Bergenfield The Press Journal newspaper clipping May 26 1965.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the third annual Amateur Art Festival at Cooper's Pond Park. Includes a photograph of the winner for best painting, as well as details about the contest and judges.

Chamber Donates Painting to Library The Record newspaper clipping May 24 1965 p1.jpg
A newspaper clipping about the Chamber of Commerce donating a painting to the library in the hopes of starting a library art collection. The article details the provenance of the painting, which was selected at the third annual ammeter art show at…

Artist 95 Awarded Medallion For Best Oil in Art Festival Times Review newspaper clipping May 28 1964.jpg
A newspaper clipping about William H. Buffett, a 95 year old Bergenfield resident, winning prize for best oil in the art festival. The article also includes details about other winners.

1 black and white photograph 4 x 5 First Outdoor Art Show 1964.jpg
A photo of the First Outdoor Art Show at Cooper's Pond for the Tercentenary in 1964

Twin Tercentenary Signs.jpg
Photograph of Twin Tercentenary signs for Dumont and Bergenfield.
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