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Speech Given Before the Rotarians Monday March 4 1963 1.jpg
Text of a speech by Bergenfield Library Director Bea James to the Rotary Club on March 4, 1963.

Norman A Bleshman Letter to Organization Leaders of Bergenfield.jpg
Letter from Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee Chairman Norman A. Bleshman to Bergenfield community organization leaders about a Speakers' Bureau.

List of Bergenfield Community Organizations 1.jpg
List of Bergenfield Community Organizations including a membership list for the Bergenfield Historical Association.

Tercentenary Organizational Chart 1.jpg
Organization Chart of the Bergenfield Tercentenary Committee and other organizations involved in the Tercentenary.

Tercentenary Parade Photograph 18.jpg
Photograph of the Knights of Columbus in the Tercentenary Parade.

Lions Club.jpg
Description of the Lions Club

Bergenfield Dumont Joint Veterans Alliance.jpg
Description of Bergenfield Dumont Joint Veterans Alliance

Regular Democratic Organization of Bergenfield.jpg
Description of the Regular Democratic Organization of Bergenfield

Womans Club of Bergenfield.jpg
Description of Woman's Club of Bergenfield

Bergenfield Girl Scouts Float.jpg
Description of Bergenfield Girl Scouts Float
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