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Photographs Capture Boroughs Likeness Twin Boro News May 2 1979 .jpg
An exhibition of photographs about Bergenfield is on display at the Bergenfield Public Library. Mayor James Lodato declared "Out Town Month." The exhibition is sponsored by the Bergenfield Council for the Arts.

Sharp Shooters photo and caption of photography contest winners undated.jpg
Newspaper clipping of photographs of winners of the Bergenfield Council for the Arts Photography Contest. Winners include Per Martin Fosstveit, Laurence Quinn, Robert E. Kirsch, Paul Masincup, & Paul Howard.

“Artists’ Directory is Ready,” (newspaper clipping) The Sunday Post, Dec. 11, 1977 P1.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts has published a directory of artists in Bergenfield.

“At the Helm” (photo and caption of recently elected officers of Bergenfield Council for the Arts) Twin Boro News, Nov. 30, 1977.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts recently elected officers. Pearl Sorkow, Co-President, Eileen Jamieson, Vice President, Martha Weisberg, Co-President, Marion Franz, Executive Secretary, & Blanche Penniman, Secretary-Treasurer.

“Arts Council Plans Reception,” (newspaper clipping) Twin Boro News, Sept. 29, 1976.jpg
The Bergenfield Council for the Arts invites all Bergenfield artists to a reception at the Bergenfield Public Library on October 24, 1976. A directory of Bergenfield artists is being developed.
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