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Photographs from Legislature Reception Oct 1 1980.jpg
Photos from a Legislature Reception in 1980.

Photographs from Bergenfield Library special event undated 1.jpg
Polaroid photographs from an unspecified event.

Photographs from Bergen Passaic Club Feb 6 1969 1.jpg
Various polaroid photographs from a meeting of the Bergen Passaic Club in 1969. Included in the photos are Sidney Breyer and Bea James.

Photographs from parade Oct 1976.jpg
Mary Joyce Doyle and Sidney Breyer pose in and next to a car decorated to look like a train promoting the library in a parade

1 black and white photograph Presentation of the American Flag to the Bergenfield Public Library Oct 27 1968.jpg
A black and white photograph of an American flag, held by Sidney Breyer, being presented to the Bergenfield Public Library

1 black and white photograph 8 x 10 unnamed special event undated 1.jpg
10 black and white photographs of various events, including what appears to be an awards ceremony, a dinner/reception, and a fair where the library presented at a booth.

1 black and white photograph 8 x 10 unnamed special event April 10 1962 1.jpg
A series of black and white photographs featuring many unknown individuals who put on a play or performance on April 10 1962. Includes photos of the actors rehearsing and posing in costume as well as photos of some of the audience, including Mary…

Colored photographs Spring conference 1979 1.jpg
Color photographs from a spring conference including library staff and the Board of Trustees at the Mount Airy Lodge in the spring of 1979. Photos include the library's then Director Mary Joyce Doyle and the Board President Sidney Breyer.

Colored photographs Christmas dinner party 1978 1.jpg
Color photos of a Christmas dinner party for the library. Included in the photos are the Library Board of Trustees and Mary Joyce Doyle, the Library's Director at the time.

Black and white photographs scholarship presentation 1980 1.jpg
Black and white photographs of a scholarship presentation in 1980 at the library
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