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Newspaper Clipping The Record September 28 1964 40 Units Parade in Bergenfield 1.jpg
Newspaper clipping from "The Record" describing the Tercentenary Parade in Bergenfield on September 27, 1964.

The History of Bergenfield Book Float.jpg
A float depicting the book, "The History of Bergenfield."

Bergenfield Float in Bergen County Tercentenary Parade.jpg
Photograph of the Bergenfield float in the Bergen County Tercentenary Parade.

People Sent Invitations to Sit on Reviewing Stand 1.jpg
A list of people invited to sit at the reviewing stand for the Tercentenary parade.

Invitation for the Viewing Stand for the Tercentenary Parade.jpg
Invitation to the viewing stand for the Tercentenary Parade.

Tercentenary Photograph 15.jpg
Marching band in the Tercentenary Parade

Tercentenary Photograph 12.jpg
Marching band at Tercentenary Parade.

Tercentenary Parade Photograph 20.jpg
Bagpipers and drummers in kilts in the Tercentenary Parade.

Tercentenary Parade Photograph 18.jpg
Photograph of the Knights of Columbus in the Tercentenary Parade.

Tercentenary Parade Photograph 17.jpg
Photograph of Cresskill historical reenactors in the Tercentenary Parade.
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