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Typewritten handwritten list of 50 year Bergenfield residents final P1.jpg
Final list of residents who have lived in Bergenfield for more that 50 years.

Doyle Mary Joyce Bergenfield Library to host drama series undated.jpg
A newspaper clipping about a lecture series on Drama as Performance and Literature by Mary Joyce Doyle at the Bergenfield Public Library.

Jimenez Bert Bert Jimenez will head Bergenfield Chamber March 22 2000.jpg
A newspaper article announcing that Bert Jimenez was installed as president of the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce for the 2000-2001 term.

Halligan John Ex Bfield man brings Rangers NHL history alive February 7 2001.jpg
A newspaper article about then director of communications and special projects for the NHL, John Halligan, and his book about the history of the New York Rangers hockey team. The article also includes biographical information about Halligan.

Bastidas Joseph A Caccavone Frank J Elasser Roy H Adrion N Gulnick Local Veterans Will Receive State's Top Military Award Twin Boro News May 29 2002.jpg
Newspaper article about men from Bergen County receiving the New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal, including several men from Bergenfield.

Children’s Art on Exhibit newspaper clipping The Record November 21 1979.jpg
"Children’s Art on Exhibit" (newspaper clipping) "The Record" November 21, 1979 about an art show called "A Child's World" at the Bergenfield Public Library sponsored by the Bergenfield Council for the Arts

Council for the arts newspaper clipping Oct 29 1975 P1 top.jpg
On October 29, 1975, at the Bergenfield Public Library, the Bergenfield Council for the Arts celebrated and honored Bergenfield Artists. There was an exhibition of photographs and paintings. Live music was performed.

Love conquers.jpg
Vignettes about Mayor Walter Christie and Mr. Julo (Julius Gamblee)

The History of Bergenfield Book Float.jpg
A float depicting the book, "The History of Bergenfield."

3 Experts Share Photographic Tips newspaper clipping The Record Jan 27 1982.jpg
Al Thomas, Henry Forest, and Dr. Ralph Henry will discuss how to take better photographs at a lecture at the Bergenfield Public Library on January 27, 1982.
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